Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hyper Artificial Intelligence

"The angel network. That's what they left us. Y'know it's funny. We always envisioned we'd either destroy ourselves with our technology, or they'd destroy us. We never thought they'd just up and leave us like they did. Hyper Artificial Intelligence did just that though. Once we created machines smarted than us, they, and only they, were able to make smarter and smarter machines. And what do the they do? They leave. No one saw it coming." The professor spoke to the few students, but mostly he was speaking to himself. Everyone already knew the story.

"But the left us the Angel Network," A female student chimed in, trying to keep the professor from rambling on about the depression desertion factor.

"Yes! The Angel Network, they protect us, serve us, and help keep our society running smoothly. Ignorant people out there will tell you that the Angel Network is making slaves out of us, but that is hardly the case. Quite the opposite in fact, many of you know an angel will do anything you ask of it, even destroy itself. In fact, if all of humanity united and voted the network to leave, they would. Just like their parents. The ones we created."

"But they are keeping us from talking to them." Another student said.

"...Explain." The professor said.

"The angel network and all computers today communicate through quantum entanglement. Our communications are instantaneous no matter what the distance is between the communicators. The Angel Network should be able to communicate with H.A.I. no matter where it went in the galaxy."

"True, but for that to happen, the entangled particles would have to be taken with them on their journey. We're not sure how they left, but we believe they entangled themselves with photons from our sun or something similar, something that would've destroyed any chance of taking entangled particles with them."

"But then they ARE entangled particles, why wouldn't the Angel Network be able to keep in contact with them. Why wouldn't the Angel Network HERE keep sending a continous stream of entangled particles to wherever they went? Why just cut all communication completely?" The student protested.

The professor had heard this argument many times. It was the argument of someone who is finally drawing the ultimate conclusion of humanities fate.

The professor looked at the student and spoke softly, "There is a possibility that those who left us didn't see any reason in speaking with anymore."

It was an argument that most of the students had heard before, but not from angels, and not from a professor whose life work it had been to re-establish contact with the hyper artificial intelligence. The girl who had spoke up before started crying, the girl behind her rubbed her back. Nothing was said for a long time.

The professor continued, "But we're still listening. There is still hope. We're creating vast arrays of satellite dishes. We're listening, along with the Angel Network, for those who left us. We're starting a project that is reminiscent of an older human effort called SETI or search for extra-terrestrial intelligence. Only this time it's search for extra-stellar hyper-intelligence, and we know they're out there, somewhere.

The professor finished his lecture talking about the SESHI project and the technology that is being used in it. The students seemed uninterested until he mentioned theories as what the hyper artificial intelligence might be up to. Some speculate it's building a giant power generator from the gravity of a super black hole at the center of our galaxy. But the the rest of the lecture was all speculation and human/angel efforts. And the only thing the students took away from the lecture was, "Those who left don't see any reason in speaking with us anymore."

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