Monday, June 18, 2007

The collapsing wave

A surfer stands on the beach looking out at the intercontinental ocean. A huge wave had been swelling for 14 billion years. So big was the wave that water receded far from the coast and evidence of sea creatures could be seen on the drying new land. A life guard stands next to the surfer.

"Why didn't you surf this one?" She asks.

"I thought I'd watch instead." He replies. "See that right there? Life just formed."

"Too bad the wave is about to crash."

"Maybe, maybe not."

"It's already breaking, it's going to crash."

"With the complexity growing, it might be a controlled crash."

"There's never been a controlled crash."

"Yet." The surfer says, hopefully.

"How many waves will there be?" She asks.

"How many can a life guard create?"

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