Monday, June 25, 2007

Gucci DRM

June 2015

Gucci is announcing their line of DRM-free clothes today. These threads can be worn an infinite number of times, anytime of the year. If you happen to have multiple closets, these DRM-free clothes can be moved to and from your different closets.

Some privacy concerns have arisen from these new clothes. It seems that Gucci embeds your full user name onto the tag of whatever article of clothing is bought DRM-free. Some say this is to identify the clothes, should knock offs start to arise in the black market.

Current presidential candidate for the American Pirate Party, Cory Doctorow, has this to say, "Technology giveth, technology taketh away. Just as radio destroyed the vaudeville paradigm and the internet destroyed the old record industry, nano-fabs are turning the design and clothing market on it's head. They (Design companies) should be creating a service model for their designers, instead of suing high school girls."

Along with taking out the DRM, the clothing will consist of a higher thread count and better nanofactuing materials. These 'add-ons' will, of course, cost you. The DRM-free clothing will be priced at about 15% more than the DRM laden clothing. Time will tell how these new DRM-free designs work out for Gucci.


RSG said...

Will the burn-rip-burn workaround still work?

Pat J said...

"American Pirate Party", eh? Nice touch.

Valery said...

Gucci is amazing! I love Gucci jewelry! I love Gucci clothes! I love Gucci!