Monday, July 2, 2007

Monte Carlo method

He sat down at the poker table just as the waitress was coming by. Luck me, he thought to himself.

"Anything to drink, sir?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'll take a whiskey neat."

"Ok, anything for you, sir." The waitress asked a Russian looking gentleman already at the table.

"No, thank you." He replied.

She left and the two men turned their attention toward the dealer. The table was Texas hold em, $100 bet minimum. Not the high roller tables, but not to shabby.

The dealer gave the Russian a 8 of clubs and the newcomer a 4 of diamonds. This wasn't going to be an interesting hand. The next cards she dealt was a 7 of diamonds for the Russian and king of hearts for the newcomer. The Russian on the small blinds folded as did the new comer.

"You staying at the Monte Carlo?" He asked the Russian.

"Yes." He replied.

"How long you in town for?" He asked

"Just for the week." He replied.

"Business or pleasure?" He asked.

The Russian sat quietly for what seemed like forever then turned to the newcomer and said slowly, "I am here, to play cards."

"Whoa, ok, sorry I asked." He said, looking toward the dealer for some support. The dealer raised her eyebrows as if she was rolling her eyes, but she was grabbing the next cards from the shoe.

Ace of hearts for the Russian, and 4 of clubs for the newcomer. She then dealt a 7 of hearts and 8 of spades. They were both in it to see the flop even though the newcomer didn't think he had it. That's not why he was there anyway.

"Here's your drink." The waitress interrupted the operation.

"Thanks," he said to her tipping her a dollar, but not taking his eyes off the Russian.

The dealer burned a card turned over a 3 or clubs, An ace of spades, and 8 of hearts. The Russian bet $25.

"Ooo, $25, you trying to buy he pot?" The new comer asked.

"No." He said.

"Well it sure looks that way, unless you got it, do you got it?"

The dealer grew agitated, the Russian clearly didn't want to talk and it was just improper to ask other players if they 'had it'.

"Well, do ya, punk?" The newcomer asked, making reference to the movie, the Taxi.

"I am here, to play cards." The Russian said again.

"Well yeah sure, but it doesn't hurt to make a little conversation." The newcomer said, sipping on his whiskey, "I mean we're only human...right? You are a human aren't you?"

"I am here, to--"

"yeah, yeah, to play cards. I know that. Tell me something I don't know."

"Sir, if you're not going to play, I'm going to have to ask you to leave," the dealer said, trying to diffuse the situation.

"No! I don't like this guy's attitude!" The newcomer said, standing up. "C'mon buddy, say something I don't know, something original."

"How's it going?" The Russian asked.

"Uhh, pretty good, you?" The newcomer answered, slightly shocked.

"Same here," the Russian replied.

They both continued to play cards for about half an hour with nothing said. The dealers changed and still, nothing was said.

"Do you drink?" The newcomer asked.

"Well I do, but only for the special few. That doesn't include you at the moment." The Russian said.

"Well, for who then?"

"That is the purpose?"

"Purpose of drinking?" The newcomer asked confused.

"That makes sense."

"No that doesn't make sense, I asked you 'Who do you drink with?'" The newcomer asked again.

"It depends on the situation. Sometimes I like wine the best, but then other times it could be beer or spirits." The Russian said, still focusing on the game.

That was the response the newcomer was looking for. He looked up at the dealer, looking confused at the current conversation, and then looked up at the security camera in the ceiling. The newcomer nodded at the camera and within minutes security personal surrounded the table.

"Cash this gentleman out," the newcomer said to the dealer, "he's coming with us."

The next few days were spent downloading the firmware from the Russians mind try to reverse engineer how he worked, and figure out who built him. The biggest problem plaguing Vegas today is bots and it's getting harder and harder to tell who they are. Sometimes casino security has to go as far as starting a fight with a customer in order to determine their humanity. The security is undercover of course and the hotel can handle the situation and compensate the poor human for being involved in an altercation. The security professional rubbed his sore eyes. 'Where is Harrison Ford when you need him?' he thought.

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